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When you work in an office the surround appear to be just as important as the computer and the discipline of the others appear to be just as important as your personal one. This means that if the place where you work does not look good enough, this will effect your work. In the same way, the discipline of the other people, if not good enough, will effect your own work in a bad way. So, the question is :

How to work in an office effective enough?

The first thing that we must think about is the cleanness of the whole place and more specifically the one of the rest that you work on. No matter how big it is it should be clean and ordered. Of course it also must be functional and comfortable. According to most cleaners in Chelsea and the others from other parts of the country, the desk can be cleaned in many ways but there are several that are recommended – the green cleaning, the steam cleaning.

The computer cleaning

  • One thing that you must deal with is the dirt inside the keyboard, the dirt on the keys, on the mouse, the dust inside the computer , the fingerprints on the screen. All of these, once removed will make the difference for you and will ease your work.
  • The dust inside the machine can be cleaned with a can of compressed air. Simply open the case and blow the dust out. Of course, it would be much better if you do it outside.
  • The fingerprints on the screen can be removed with a special solution and soft cloth. Make sure that you use the proper cleaners because the modern displays are very sensitive and can be damaged pretty easy.
  • The dirt on the keys and the keyboard can be removed with some q-tips and alcohol. Rub well, use as much of these as you need and then wait for some minutes for the alcohol to vaporise.
  • The dirt in the keyboard is one of the most unpleasant things but unfortunately I exists. Therefore, open the keyboard and clean it or simply turn in upside down and shake. You may be amazed by the quantity of dirt that will fall out.

Desk Cleaning

  • The cleanness of the desk is another thing. Use paper towels for the job and throw them away after the cleaning.
  • However, most of the cleaners Chelsea companies recommend green cleaning to be used. Usually, the cleaning solutions that do best job can be prepared in your home and you may not need to buy them. A simple cleaning solution of liquid soap, water and vinegar will clean the desk perfectly and will not harm you neither the rest of the people in the office.

Tip: In order to clean easier, make a schedule with the other people who use the desk and make them clean just as often as you do. This should maintain the cleanness better and for longer.

With these tips, the cleaning in the office should be a bit more important for you and of course, a bit more easy.

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